New Service! Airport transfers!

We proudly present our new airport transfer service.

Launching a new service in 2016: Airport Transfers

This year will be a huge year for McGowan family. That’s because starting with this summer we will be launching a totally new service and more exactly an airport transfer service. First airport to service will be Alicante. Wish us good luck.

Alicante is a gorgeous city located along the Spanish costa Blanca. It is situated between the capes La Huerta and Santa Pola from the north and south respectively. It enjoys a very moderate and pleasant climate coupled with very pleasant and friendly residents. Outside the city are equally prestigious cities and ports. At the center of the city is the prestigious Alicante airport. Once you land in, you realize that there is plenty for the eye to see. But wait a little, you have to be transferred to your destination.

Alicante to Benidorm

There are a number of Alicante airport transfers to the various destinations. You do not have to worry even if you are visiting for your business or leisure. The team of transfer services including the Shuttle direct among others has the connections and expertise to organize the transport solution that best fits your needs.

Alicante to Benidorm: Benidorm is one of the cities located just outside Alicante. Transfers from Alicante to Benidorm will barely take an hour in a taxi drive. The pristine beaches in Benidorm coupled with some of the most spectacular nightlifes in the entire world, make it the best holiday tour for millions of tourists each year. Benidorm has often been described as the Manhattan of Spain because of its wonderful skyline. It is the resort destination that has everything you will ever need.

Alicante to Torrevieja. Torrevieja is located about fifty kilometers south of Alicante. Several tourists travel from the Alicante airport to Torrevieja each year. Torrevieja is a pleasant cosmopolitan city with diverse presence of the international community. It houses the British, Irish, the Scandinavian expats among other diverse people. The city has grown tremendously over the last few years.

Alicante transfers to Javea. Javea has often described as the peaceful city. It lies on the eastern most part of the Costa Blanca and is between Denia and Calpe. A drive from Alicante to Javea may take approximately ninety minutes. Javea has three main points of attraction, that is, the port area, the beach area, and Javea town.

Alicante to Calpe: Calpe is located along the Mediterranean coastline. The distance from Alicante to Calpe is roughly 100 km. To travel from Alicante to Calpe you have to travel along the prestigious Mediterranean coastline. Calpe beach was recently awarded a Blue Flag with the European Union. It has several amenity facilities such as kids playing areas. Among the tourist attractions areas in the area, it is the only area that is solely built on tourism hence you can bet that the number of the possible fun activities with the nightlife is second only to that of Benidorm in Costa Blanca.

Alicante transfers to Denia: there is no doubt that Denia is the main resort destination as well as the point of departure for the ferry transfers to the islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. It is situated in the north of Costa Blanca and midway between Valencia and Alicante. The travel Alicante to Denia will take approximately 90 minutes in a taxi.

New shop in London

After many years being involved in the motorcycle business, we finally will be able soon to present our new massive showroom in north London.

north london showroom

Built in collaboration with our partner LDN Crane Hire and thanks to their full cooperation, our new new headquarters in North London were specially designed to offer all the advantages one can dream of while planning to run a motorcycle shop in U.K.

It includes the biggest showroom, offering enough space to fit our incredibly large selection, and giving you the ability to choose among hundreds of motorcycles types and brands, but also various scooters, mopeds and quad bikes.


After years working at various motorcycles repair shops and showrooms we can proudly claim today we are independent, privately owned and ideally located in the North London area: McGowan Motorcycles caters for everyone and has enough to fit every need, from the first-time scooter buyer to those of you who have been living and breathing bikes for years, everyone will find a great match and will leave without frustration!


Our large 12,000 square foot showroom is containing enough space to house separated individual areas for 11 of the best brands on the market; providing you with the ability to choose from a full range of the latest in custom, commuter and sports vehicles. Together with our huge and fantastic selection of clothing, lifestyle and security items department and our in-house training center to help you get a good insight at your machine’s possibilities; we will guarantee you the whole biking package, one of the largest available stocks and our increased expertise.



All of this backed up by our experienced and approachable staff. We recruit individuals with knowledge, passion and an in-depth empathy with the differing lifestyle needs of all our customers. Working in a relaxed environment and entrusted to make decisions on the spot, they are at the heart of McGowan unique purchasing experience.


You will also be able to contemplate the most huge selection of classic bikes and vintage motorcycles for sale, taking you on a journey through automotive history. New superb bikes are provided every week, constantly renewing our massive stock.


Over 500 superb models of classic motorcycles! Over 500 gorgeous classic, vintage and veteran machines as well as a big new range of really affordable spare parts and accessories! Loads of classic bike gifts including mousemats, books, paintings, CDs and DVDs! Just the place to find the ideal classic bike gift.


A performant technical staff able to take care of hundreds of classic motorcycles and bikes for sale!

If you like classic bikes, then you are bound to find something you want here!

crane fixing the roof

You will find models from the following vintage brands:



  • AJS
  • Ariel
  • BMW
  • BSA
  • Benelli
  • Bultaco
  • DOT
  • Douglas
  • Ducati
  • Excelsior
  • Francis Barnett
  • Gilera
  • Greeves
  • Harley Davidson
  • Honda
  • James
  • Kawasaki
  • Lambretta
  • Laverda
  • Levis
  • MV Agusta
  • Royal Enfield


Thanks to our partner London crane hire, you’re dream will come true, so don’t wait any longer and pay us a visit, you’ll be amazed!

If you need to fix your bike or car paint, have a look at our other partner – car touch up paint !

Welcome to our new website

Hello Everyone!

We would like to welcome you on our new website. It’s dedicated to our greatest passion, which kept us dreaming since childhood: big, fat motorcycles.

logo company

We intend to become one of London’s largest motorcycle and scooter retailer with a massive showroom located in north London. We will be offering you some of the best deals on new & second hand motorcycles,  scooters and mopeds in The London area. McGowan Motorcycles guarantee you total peace of mind and only healthy engines! So when time comes to buy your next bike, dont look any further!

Motorcycle, scooter, moped and even quad finance will be available to make your dream come true!

mcgowan yamaha

You’ll only have to choose among your favorite brands:

  • Aprilia scooters and motorcycles
  • Honda scooters and motorcycles and quads
  • Suzuki motorcycles
  • Yamaha motorcycles and quads
  • Piaggio scooters
  • Kawasaki motorcycles
  • Cagiva motorcycles
  • Ducati motorcycles
  • Triumph motorcycles
  • Polaris quad bikes
  • Barossa quad bikes


McGowan Motorcycles Service department can look after all your motorcycle and other machines, providing a very reliable and cheap servicing:

  • Scooter, moped and quads Servicing, don’t look any further we’re the best!
  • Motorcycle Servicing, to make sure your machine is really pampered
  • Puncture repairs on scooters, motorcycles and basically anything that has wheels
  • to make sure you won’t be left standing next to the road, PRE MOT check over and test can give you peace of mind!
  • Full engine rebuilds, don’t let your favorite engine rot in your garage!
  • Vintage motorcycle and scooter collection, from the early 50’s
  • Winter storage service in our huge warehouse
  • Data-tool alarms fitted, to ensure maximum security when it comes to your bike!
  • Tracker approved installer

Our friendly staff will soon be operational and competent in all the areas you may need to keep those engines roaring!